Dunia al Iraq is part of a family business that was established in 1961, and has maintained great success due an exceptional reputation in performing its' services with distinction as main contractor and supplier in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Iraq for the Military Groups (UN Offices, ISAF, US Army, NGO's Embassies, and other big firms). Our pride and ambition is to provide you with a superb quality product, and to set the highest standard of reference for service.


Dunia al Iraq is dedicated to the principle of “Best Value” where value means:

  1. Providing top-quality goods and services on time and at market competitive prices
  2. A promise given is a promise kept
  3. Knowing that customer satisfaction requires us to understand the customer’s needs and to fulfill or exceed the customer’s expectations, at all times
  4. Accepting the fact that our reputation for honesty, quality and service are the things most important to continued business success, and in everything we do we shall always remember that our customers deserve no less than the best value we can provide today, tomorrow and always.

We specialize in

At Dunia al Iraq you can be sure we will fulfill your supplier requirement, and we put our customers first.
We are proud that quality goes on, before the name goes on.

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