Balllatic Blankets are great use for any last-minute emergency, capable of being transported easily by use of a rucksack. Great for protecting the containerized units, doors, windows, personnel, equipment, and vehicles.

Protection offered by NIJ Level IIIa:

  • Hand grenade fragments and most fragmentation caused by pressure or electrical explosion.
  • Bullet-resistant.
  • 9 mm FMJ at 1400 ft/s (426 m/s).
  • 44 Magnum, Handgun, Revolver at 1400 ft/s (426 m/s) up to 5 shots.
  • Highest rating for soft armor.
  • Sub-Machine gun (9 x 19mm) up to 5 shots, Lead Core Copper Jacket.
  • Custom-made, heavy-duty, first-class quality.
  • Daily testing of materials and their properties.
  • Certified manufacturing.
  • Water repellent.

Bomb Blankets for Landcruisers Includes:

  • Floor covering - including tailgate area
  • Two front door covers
  • Two rear door covers
  • Tailgate door covers

Easily mounted using Velcro fasteners, finished in cordura fabric to last from wear and tear.

Each kit comes with carry bag, fasteners, and fitting instruc tions.

The Level Ilia kit protects against roadside bombs, anti-personnel mines, landmines, and handguns. AK-47 API requires hard plate inserts.

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