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We, at DUNIA AL IRAQ believe that you expect & deserve a well-built high quality home at an AFFORDABLE price.

From the computer- generated floor plans and home designs, to the solid construction and beautiful, professionally designed interiors.

DUNIA AL IRAQ builds each home for MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE AND MAXIMUM MAINTENANCE and all of this at an AFFORDABLE price within the budget of most people.DUNIA AL IRAQ - Homes Standard Specifications

Structural Insulated Panel Construction (Sandwich Panels)

(Polyurethane injected core Insulation 42kg/m s density between double galvanized steel skin layers)

A. Bituminous Fiberglass shingles or metal shingles.
B. Felt Paper.
C. Sandwich Panel with OSB top Board.
D. Metal Soffit. .
E. Open steel Beam for vaulted ceiling providing layer interior volume
F. Metal Fascia.

G. Per- cut for windows and doors.
H. Top Steel plate structure.
I. Sandwich Panels.
J. Standard Exterior finish is cementitious stucco coating with options:
- Metal siding
- Wooden clap boards.
K. Bottom steel Plate.

L. 3/4" Plywood subfloor nailed.
M. Reflective foil Insulation.
N. Steel Joists, W on-center.
0. Main Girders.

DUNIA AL IRAQ mobile space unit is becoming one of the most innovative diversified and quality minded manufacturer within the industry.

Experienced in many products such as : Contractors field offices. Temporary mobile. Modular office building. Motel room Modules, bath and shower rooms. Guard shacks. In - plant offices and Housing, permanent classrooms, Training mobile, Multi - story Modules, Storage units. Display units, emergency offices and much, much more.


1. Frame: DUNIA AL IRAQ boxmobile utilizes a heavy guage self supporting. Steel frame with container corners. They are stackable and inter connectable.

2. Floor: Metallic structure entirely welded and painted covered standard with 18mm. OSB wooden boards in dry areas and 18mm. marine plywood in wet areas, witt rolled PVC. covering.
As an option floor could be made of:
- 50mm polyurethane sandwich panels with galvanizec bottom side and different options for the top side (wooder board, cement chip board, ceramic tiles).
- Galvanized bottom side with 50mm, fiberglass insulation, 18mm, wooden board and rolled PVC. covering.
- It could be supplied with skids.

3.Walls: Detachable sandwich panels of 50mm, polyurethane foam core with painted galvanized sheets on both sides. As an option interior side could be covered with decorative plywood, cement board...

4. Roof:
4.1. Boxmobile type : metallic structure entirely welded and painted exterior is eclectrically seamed galvanized reflective steel sheets. Interior in 50mm, sandwich panel with either painted metal ceiling or decorative plywooch
4.2. Haunched type : roof is made of truss framed steel structure with metal false ceiling and 50mm. Fiberglass- insulation from the inside with different colored steel panels from the outside. As an option Roof finish could be made of bituminous shingles, or metal shingles, or brick tiles or sandwich panels

5. Windows: Aluminum of sliding or hinged type glazed and incorporated flyscreen. Interior curtain as option.

6. Doors: 50mm. sandwich panel with heavy duty frame with lock & iron fittings as an option:
- built in window. - Aluminum door.

7. Electrical installation: It is carried out on inspection race ways with PVC tubing.
Layout & requirements are according to customer's wishes.

DUNIA AL IRAQ produces different types of mobiles.

1. DUNIA AL IRAQ box mobiles:

Is a versatile, multi-purpose mobile modular space system, utilizing the time tested and proven building block concept.

The self-supporting steel framed units can be stacked & inter- connected to provide an economical system solution for mobile space & temporary space needs.
The boxmobile are designed to eliminate most transport problems.

When demountable, the unit is 60cm, high, so that four units take up the same room as a container.

The boxmobile can be supplied in standard sizes that can be easily adaptable one to another to obtain units of various forms and dimensions, all of them characterized by ease of transport.

2. DUNIA AL IRAQ haunched mobiles:
DUNIA AL IRAQ haunched mobiles are factory assembled having their roof haunched for homey look appearance. Outside walls can be given a colorful sandstone effect finish.

3. DUNIA AL IRAQ caravans:
It is similar to boxmobiles but having towing system complete with wheels, hooks and retractable stairs.

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