Ballistic Protection Products

Hard Armour Panel

We offer Hard Armor Dyneema panels in flat, single-curve and multi-curve configurations with multi HIT capabilities. Panels are upgradeable till NIJ Level IV.

Salient Features:
  • “Maximum V50 (880 m/s in AK47 MSC) with least possible weights” – says DSM.
  • Among world’s best panels.
  • Flat, single-curved and multicurved configurations.
  • Multi HIT capabilities.
  • Shot to shot 30mm.
  • Edge distance 30mm.
  • More than 10 shots per panel 250mm x 300mm.
  • ‘DSM’ trained & supported manufacturing.
  • Vehicular protection body panel.
  • Available in any size and shape, in shortest time.
  • Tailored shapes and protection possible with “in-house” CADCAM mould manufacturing.

Sizes available:
  • Flat and single-curved Dyneema panels 250 x 300mm (10” x 12”).
  • Multi-curved Dyneema panels 250mm x 300mm (10” x 12”).
  • Full-body contoured Dyneema panels 410 x 510 mm (16” x 20”).
  • Vehicle - upto .75sq. meter for NIJ level III and upto 1.5 sq. meter for NIJ level IIIA
Specifications [Full body (upper torso) protection panel]:
  • The only light-weight which takes more than 20 shots of AK-47 and SLR on a single panel.
  • Weighs about 3.50 kg per panel.
  • The protection area per panel is more then 310 sq.inch (2000.00, which is more then 2.25 times larger than the area of a panel 10” x 12” (120.00 sq.inch).
  • Can be used in bullet-proof jackets without additional support of soft armor panel, yet offering protection against AK-47 & SLR with less then 44mm trauma.
  • Available for front, back, sides, collar and groin pads with snug-fit contours.

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