GUARD TOWERS: Steel Plates, Bullet-Proof Glass, Sandbags

Steel Plate tested specs:
• 6.5 mm heat treated SPS-43 sheet, provid ing protection level III NIJ.
• 6096 mm x 2438 mm x 6.5-mm compound sheet weights 773.2 kg [consists of [2438mm x 1016mm) x 6, because maximum possible dimensions of one-piece heat treated plate is 2500 x 1050mm).
• Level IV plates are approximately 15 mm chick.
• Potato sac also available

Bullet-Proof Glass up to Level IV. custom cut.

Sand Bags:
• Sandbags made of propylene are easier to transfer, lighter in weight, and water-proof.
• 4" x 26"

Guard Towers can be built to be virtually bomb-proof using plates, glass, and sandbags.

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