Ballistic Protection Products

Bullet Proof Vest

Our range of Bulletproof Body Armor is manufactured for defense, civil & paramilitary personnel. The ballistic material is Polyethylene or Aramid. It offers protection of NIJ IIIA. An optional pocket for Hard Armour Plates is available to upgrade it to level III or IV.

  • The undercover bullet-proof jacket/vest, elegant for everyday use, in various attractive designs.
  • Designed to be worn daily by police, shore patrol, people in lifethreatening situations (politicians, business leaders, money couriers, civil police force, bodyguards, etc.).
  • Custom-designed to accommodate user’s requirements.
  • Four point adjustable strapping system ensures a comfortable fit.
  • V-neck configuration offers maximum protection and concealability.
  • Pocket to accommodate HAPs of 250 x 300mm (10” x 12”) size optional.
  • Ballistic panels are removable.
  • Polyester / cotton carrier.
  • Shirt tail snug-fit .
  • The style of the jacket/vest is nonmilitary, offers high level of protection and yet is stylish.

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